Pure API functions
Write once, deploy anywhere.

A thin and feature rich abstraction to allow developers to focus on features that can be deployed via Serverless, Express, HTTP.

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  • Typescript ❤️

    Everything is typed, starting from your database itself

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  • HTTP Agnostic

    Write your code without any HTTP concepts, just objects and errors

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  • Framework Agnostic

    Concentrate on writing code. Ignore the overhead of specifics with AWS, Azure, via express.

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  • Autogenerated Schemas and Route discovery

    Run helper functions to avoid having to wire up routes yourself

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  • Dependency Injection

    Inject your dependencies into each function, making each function truly encapsulated

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  • Permissions

    Check each function invocation against group permissions before they even run

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  • User Sessions

    Provide the user session to each function invocation for context

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  • JSON Schemas

    Generate json schemas automatically from Typescript and validate every API call against them

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  • Via Express

    Run your functions via express, for local development or deployments via docker / baremetal

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  • Via Serverless

    Run your functions via serverless, saving you money and hassle

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  • Via Binary

    Run your functions via a binary, putting all your dependencies into one small package

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